Our commitment to excellence and providing high quality products is backed by the highest certifications and industry standards. WORGA NATURALS has achieved certifications of Fairtrade, Organic, Good Manufacturing Practices and more. To maintain and display these logos, we commit to maintaining and carrying out all necessary requirements needed to ensure we continue to be affiliated with the certification.


BRC Food Certified - is an International Food Safety Management Systems standard. It is one certification scheme implemented by the Global Food Safety Initiative, which provides a stringent framework to manage multiple operational controls from manufacturing, processing and packing within the food industry. It monitors product safety, quality, integrity and legality, and is a mandatory requirement for export to Britain.
ISO Food management safety system 2200:2005 - The ISO 22000:2005 is an internationally recognised standard that sets out certain requirements for food safety management systems, whereby an organization has to validate its ability to control food safety hazards to ensure food is fit for consumption.
GMP Certified - The Good Manufacturing Practice logo is a system which ensures all products are produced and controlled in a consistent manner while keeping in line with set quality standards.
Certified Fair Trade - The FairTSA’s Fair Trade Certified seal guarantees that the product was made following strict standards that promote safe working conditions, environment protection, sustainable livelihoods and a transparent supply chain. It covers agricultural products and processing.
EU Organic - The EU organic logo provides the guarantee of organic products by the European Union. This helps consumers identify such products and also helps the farmers to market it across the EU.
USDA Organic - The organic certification by USA. USDA certified organic foods are grown and processed according to strict guidelines that outline requirements on soil quality, pest and weed control, use of additives and more.
Japanese Organic Regulation – The Japanese certification for agricultural products and processed foods which follow requirements set out by the Organic JAS.
Naturland – Naturland’s standards monitor sustainable management, climate protection, nature conservation and consumer protection in actual practice.
FDA – The Food and Drug Administration regulates the responsibility undertaken by an organization to ensure safety, efficacy and security of the country’s food supply, drugs, cosmetics, etc.
Kosher Certification - The Kosher Certification is based on stringent requirements set out by Jewish dietary laws. It acts an indicator of food safety and quality.