WORGA NATURALS was established in 2013 as a family business with a primary focus on organic farming. Over the years, we have created a network of over 100 small-scale organic farmers around the island in order to produce high quality, certified, organic, agricultural raw materials for value addition and production

By 2017 we set up our processing facility with value addition to organic raw materials and in 2018, WORGA NATURALS was registered as a private limited company.

Our team of highly skilled workers processes our fresh, organic, raw materials using state-of-the-art technology to guarantee the highest quality of the final products. We empower local farming communities that help us nurture these raw produce, especially empowering women by creating work opportunities to earn and uplift their lives, communities and the economy.

Worga Naturals


“Preserving and bringing you the best of nature so that we can create better lives, in your community and ours.”

We are deeply passionate about enriching our communities and country through the bounty of our natural products. This is an exciting journey for our team as through our effort and ingenuity, we can improve marginalized lives in the agriculture supply chain.

What we do matters, as to live sustainably, people should consume healthier products, while farmers and producers deserve a fairer share of the profit, and should not be exploited.




strive to find the right mix between natural and processed, human and technology, performance and profit, but never compromising on the QUALITY of our products and process


seek to develop innovative solutions that make natural products more accessible


we will only grow, produce and sell certifiably organic natural products. No added chemicals, preservatives and colors


act in a fair, ethical and responsible manner with all our stakeholders – farmers, producers, clients, consumer – to build lasting relationships


The founder of “Worga Naturals” was born in a rural farm family of Sri Lanka. He studied agriculture up to a university master’s degree while helping his parents at the family farm. He gathered experiences on organic farming and processing while working in different farming communities in different countries for 17 years.