Dried Ginger

Ginger (Zingiber officinale) is a root widely known for its medicinal properties which is used as a spice. WORGA NATURALS Organic Dried Ginger is prepared using inventive methods which help preserve the goodness of ginger in a longer-lasting form. 

Dried ginger has many benefits, this includes relieving nausea, soothing digestive problems and eliminating cholesterol while being anti-inflammatory. Dried ginger increases body temperature, and these ginger pieces can be used for medicinal tea preparation, stewed fruits as well as baked goods. It could also be used for a more pungent presence in savoury dishes. 

Grown and cared for in the fertile and tropical island of Sri Lanka, our Organic Dried Ginger is a powerhouse of wellness, sourced from experts in the local farming community.


  • Ingredients : Organic Black Pepper – 100%
  • Texture, flavors and aroma : Typical to ginger
  • Moisture content : <4%
  • Color : Golden brown
  • Shelf life : 12 months from date of manufacture
  • Packing : LLDPE bags / Customer requirement