Organic Mango Puree

WORGA NATURALS Organic Mango Puree is 100% mango delight, devoid of added sugars or preservatives. A convenient glass jar of pure goodness that’s manufactured in tropical Sri Lanka using mangoes that are harvested from local farmers.

This golden puree embodies tropical flavours and aromas, is velvety smooth and can be used to prepare a countless array of desserts, smoothies, sorbets, sauces and more. The puree preserves all the nutrition of mango due to the inventive manufacturing process; hence the benefits include improved immunity, gut health, eye health and may even help reduce cholesterol levels. Due to the rich antioxidants present, it aids in skin clearing and repairing.

Our Organic Mango Puree is a jar of pulpy goodness, with a holistic range of benefits, with a longer shelf life than the fruit itself


  • Ingredients : Organic Mango – 100%
  • Texture, flavors and aroma : Typical to Sri Lankan fresh TJC Mango
  • Brix value : 15 – 18
  • PH value : 3.8 – 4.2
  • Color : Lemon Yellow to Golden Yellow