Tapioca Flour

Tapioca is a starch extracted from the roots of cassava plants, and WORGA NATURALS manufactures Organic Tapioca Flour through an innovative process of dehydration and grounding. The flour is 100% real tapioca and has a twelve-month shelf life and is produced using Cassava roots sourced from local cultivations. 

Tapioca is a high source of iron and calcium and is easy to digest. Its low levels of sodium make it a perfect alternative for thickening soups and sauces. As the flour is gluten free, it could be used for a range of food, dessert and beverages without causing irritation to individuals with nut and gluten allergies or celiac disease. 

Our Organic Tapioca Flour is manufactured using cassava that is sustainably sourced from the fertile soils of sunny Sri Lanka.


  • Ingredients : Organic Tapioca  – 100 %
  • Texture, flavors and aroma : Typical Tapioca
  • Moisture content : < 4 %
  • Mesh size : 177 Microns
  • Color : White
  • Shelf life : 12 months from date of manufacture
  • Packing : 1kg , 2.5kg in Nylon/LLDPE bags / Customer requirement