natural cultivation is our passion and your health and well being is our responsibility

The world is now full of poisonous elements which are artificial and can effect negatively to all living creatures, So we The Worga Naturals will provide 100% organic foods for you and 100% Natural out put the entire world 


We do Organic farming, processing and serve to the world  

Organic Farming

We have our own plantations which are 100% organic certified.For our products we use our own natural harvest which are in highest quality. 


We have a group of highly skilled work force that process our fresh organic raw materials using the state of the art technology to guaranty the organic quality of the final  product  

Serve To The World

We provide our high quality products in our own brand name or as for the requirement of the buyer we also do custom packaging as well. 

It is our time to return back to the good old day,to the way we used to eat

‘What would happen if everybody ate lots and lots of artificial food  ?  I think we would have an epidemic of health

Most Popular Products


Young Green Jackfruit in Brine


Pineapple Pieces in Own Juice

DAR 50g

Dehydrate Pineapple Rings

Organic Pure King Coconut Water

King Coconut Water

Our Certificates

Certification helps manufacturers to ensure food safety and provide accountability to the final product to guarantee 100% organic product.

“Healthy eating is a way of life, so it’s important to make it a routine that is simple and realistic, and ultimately livable in a healthy manner”

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See it your self the way we provide organic food in high quality

Would you like to have a healthy life?

So eat fresh organic food daily

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Transform your body, mind, and life today through a healthy meal


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Dompe, Sri Lanka (11860)


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