The Company “Worga Naturals” was established in 2013 as a family business mainly for organic farming. Now the company is working with more than 100 small-scale organic farmers scattered on the island to produce quality certificated organic agricultural raw materials for different production. 
In 2017, the company started its own processing facility with value addition to organic raw materials, in 2018, the company registered as a private limited company.
We have a group of the highly skilled workforce that process our fresh organic raw materials using the state of the art technology to guarantee the organic quality of the final product and at the same time we provide strength to the local economy and the people of the island., by helping mainly the female villagers of the countryside by creating job opportunities to work and earn to uplift their economy

Worga Team

Our Vision

To be the best organic food processing company in Sri Lanka by empowering the local organic farming community and enhancing the rural economy and livelihood leading to obtaining high-quality organic materials and acknowledging the world about the organic concept


Our Mission

To produce healthy and organic foods by using fresh and certified organic materials and state of the art technology, leading to meeting and exceeding customer safety, expectation and requirements through the implementation of a food safety management system while uplifting the local economy

We contribute to UN’s sustainable development goals

  • SDG Goals and Cleaner Production
  • Sustainable Agriculture
    • Working with small scale farmers and home garden cultivations
    • Creating farmer groups
    • Encouraging farmers to engage in Organic Farming
    • Sustainable raw material supply
    • Encourage mix & perennial crops
  • Women empowerment
  • Sustainable communities
  • Clean energy

Social Responsibility is embedded in our mission

• Creating the job opportunities within the village
• Priority is given to women
• Ergonomic workspace
• Snacks + tea
• Transportation for the staff
• Free Uniforms
• Free Annual Insurance
• Employee friendly environment
• Regular training mainly for food safety and safety measures for Covid 19
• Helping to strengthen the Local institution of the area

Worga Naturals (Pvt) Ltd.

We collaborate with international platforms such as IPD Germany, GIZ, and USAID to expand our ventures and provide our customers with the best of us.

We are always concerned about the well-being of our employees and farmers, and we reward them throughout the year

We contribute to the development of the community by encouraging schoolchildren and university students to develop entrepreneurial attitudes and become productive professionals.

We provide all necessary training sessions for our workers and employees in order to help them grow their abilities, maintain good hygiene practices, and stay motivated.

Our Purpose

Preserving and bringing you the best of nature so that we can create better lives, in your community and ours.

Worga Naturals (Pvt) Ltd.

Our Values

Always at our BEST 

  • Balance – strive to find the right mix between natural & processed, human & technology, performance & profit, but never compromising on the QUALITY of our products & process
  • Explore – seek to develop innovative solutions that make natural products more accessible
  • Sustainable – we will only grow, produce & sell certifiably organic natural products.  No added chemicals, preservatives & colors
  • Trust – act in a fair, ethical, and responsible manner with all our stakeholders – farmers, producers, clients, consumers – to build lasting relationships