Our plantation is situated in the beautiful paradise island Sri Lanka surrounded by nature gifted environment. From the beginning our country has given priority to organic cultivation so our country is known as the Granary of the Asia.

In such environment obtaining organic raw materials is not a challenge for us. We can obtain organic, fresh fruits from our own lands which are cultivated by using only the organic friendly materials

We have a group of highly skilled work force that process our fresh organic raw materials using the state of the art technology to guaranty the organic quality of the final product  and at the same time we provide strength to the local economy and the people of the island.

We provide our high-quality products in our own brand name or as for the requirement of the buyer we also do custom packaging as well.

Our Vision

By empowering the local organic cultivation leading to obtaining high quality organic materials and acknowledging the world about Organic concepts and by using state of the art technology we develop and maintain a high-quality manufacturing procedure for our production.

Our Mission

To produce natural poison free healthy foods by using fresh organic materials leading to uplift the local economy 

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